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November Virtual Conference

You are invited to our  November Virtual Meeting

11 am to 1pm

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Join us for two exciting presentations on COVID-19

COVID-19:  The Long Haul

More and more is being learned about the physical effects that COVID-19 causes. Not only can COVID-19 produce acute life ending illness, it’s effects can linger for months and likely years after the initial infection. In some individuals, this leads to a significant reduction in functional ability and inability to continue to work. Dr. Robert Clinton will discuss these lingering effects, diagnostic evaluations, current treatment strategies and prognosis.

Understanding Cognitive and Emotional Symptoms associated with Post-Acute COVID-19

Dr. David Lovejoy will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the brain including persistent cognitive and emotional complaints as a part of the an emerging picture of a post-COVID syndrome

Learn about our presenters 

Robert Clinton MD has been practicing Internal Medicine for 32 years and since 2005 he has been a disability/functional assessment clinical expert for Brown and Brown Absence Services Group (PDA).    He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and throughout his career has practiced primary care, hospital medicine and correctional medicine.   Dr Clinton has served as the Chief Quality Officer at Mercy Hospital in Portland Maine and was the Regional Medical Director for Wellpath overseeing the care in the correctional centers in Maine.    He continues to be a valued Medical Consultant for Brown and Brown Absence Services Group while practicing Hospital Medicine at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Bangor Maine.    Dr. Clinton has firsthand experience treating acutely ill COVID-19 patients in the clinical setting and has reviewed numerous COVID-19 disability claims correlating clinical information to function.

Dr. David Lovejoy is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist. He currently serves as MassMutual’s Head of Doctoral Level Consulting, within the Disability Claims Department.  Dr. Lovejoy is also a practicing neuropsychologist.  He co-directs Hartford Hospital’s Neurobehavioral Clinic.  He also works within the departments of neurosurgery and neurology providing brain mapping services during awake brain surgeries.  Dr. Lovejoy conducts forensic neuropsychological evaluations in relation to both criminal and civil litigation matters.  He has published numerous peer reviewed scientific articles and book chapters in areas such as traumatic brain injury, forensic evaluation, ADHD, postconcussive syndrome, PTSD, neuroimaging techniques and independent medical evaluations.  He has consulted in relation to disability claims and clinical evaluations involving COVID-19